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The Candy Crush
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There's just one move left, hastily skimming the sector I discover there's no path to victory on the board - painfully then with a singular swipe across the screen I take the ultimate step towards the inescapable loss of my final life. Because the input is whole the afresh aligned brightly coloured trio of candy energetically bursts alongside the backdrop of defeat because the stage expectedly fails to clear - immediately a window splays itself across my phones display. Pertly occupied with him the box updates me for little price I can purchase a couple of more lives and have another go; alternately I can gloomily spend 20 minutes moping whilst I await them to replenish themselves. If you haven't guessed yet I'm in fact referencing the mobile liberal to play phenomena, Bejewelled inspired, Candy Crush Saga. 




Even a brief few years ago the thought of downloading a game like Candy Crush for completely free was a mostly unprecedented practice. Today a plethora of titles particularly Massively Multiplayer Online games and people released on to mobile platforms offer themselves up for free of charge electing to sell players optional extra's later via micro transactions - a kind of extended demo, the so called Freemium pay model. Fermium’s growing usage is thanks in no small part to the increase in popularity of social networks like Facebook and smartphone platforms where they thrive. Even monolithic publishers like EA have begun experimenting with liberal to play mechanics applying them into home console releases; recent titles including Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3 have included optional micro transactions. Despite its success the movement has found itself the victim of harsh critical backlash from traditional gamers, the group that's least a fan of straying from traditional onetime payment models. 

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